Volvo V70 Commercial Conversion

Custom conversion to a one of a kind Volvo V70 commercial. Kitted out specifically for a sound recordist's needs.

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Ford Transit Kit Out

Transforming this blank canvas from empty space into something much more user friendly for a camera professional. This fit out included full floor and wall covering to protect both equipment and the van itself, securing points in the floor and lightweight aluminium shelving with a handy ramp to load it all up with ease.


We offer a wide range of speedrings for all sizes of lamps and chimeras

Credit Card

A transparent credit card prop made for Speed of Snakes music video

Bungee Rig

Machined aluminium frame designed to carry the alexa camera with multiple slots to facilitate balancing the rig. Fully extendable to accommodate an underwater housing or to increase stability.

Boss to Junior

Boss mount to 28mm Junior spigot. Very useful and handy adapter for high static shots using a lighting stand

Bull Pricks

Bull Pricks

Aluminium Camera Support Housing

Aluminium Camera support housing for Arri Alexa Camera for use with underwater housing

Frame Corners
Suction Hose

Aluminium double bend 4" suction pipe custom made to fit TeamFX's new water bowser

Swan Neck

2' Aluminium Swan Neck

Magnetrack & Flatbed Dolly

The latest from Movie Innovations, the dolly and track system that fits in your car, lightweight low-base dolly with high strength and high-spec wheels and bearings, combined with lightweight collapsible track that packs away neatly into a 5' bag! This neat kit will bring shots of life in the remotest locations with the least amount of hassle, perfect for small productions where transporting big and heavy dollies and track is not an option

Ballast Trolleys

6/12Kw Ballast trolleys, custom made for Cine Electric with fold down handle for easy storage, pneumatic wheels for smooth shock absorbing movement.

Low Mode

A brand new Low mode bracket and 1' tongue machined from aluminium plate and finished with stainless steel fixings.

Pag Holders

Custom made aluminium pag holders, lightweight no more rust pag holders, why make pags heavier and more awkward to carry around with bulky steel holders.

Monitor Mount

Custom made Panasonic monitor mount for standard 28mm lighting stand mount.

Gel Trolley

With enough space for all your lighting gels, sturdy frame and pneumatic rubber wheels, bring all your gels everywhere without the hassle of cardboard boxes falling apart and getting wet on set, Can be supplied with a raincover.

Foldable Steps

Foldable lightweight steel steps with detachable handrail for one of Cine Electric's Twin Set generators, finished with aluminium threadplate steps and designed to adjust with varying ground level and maintain equal step rise/run while remaining level with the vehicle floor.

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